Types of Bags -Textile Bags Essential To Elevate Your Indian Wardrobe

  • Tote Bag - Tote Bag keeps everything you need - the shape of these can be broader like rectangular or long in height. Ours is a longer one in height and shorter breadth wise. It can contain an iPad, a water bottle, a journal, wallet, keys and lots more. These are available on WWW.SOOTI.INSooti Tote Bag
  • Shoulder Bag - Any bag that is hanged on the shoulder can be a shoulder bag. Like our Inspo Bag or Round Tote or Simple Totes are shoulder bags. They can be used for travel , perfect for office work or a bag that can take in many things at a time, can be your go to bag. Explore Inspo Bags  and choose one for yourself.
Sooti Shoulder Travel Bag

  • Sling Bag / Crossbody Bag - Bags with longer strings that can be hung one side of the body or crossbody as well are Slings or Sling Bags. These are most used bags and come in different shapes and sizes. There is space to keep important accessories like wallet, mobile phone, key chains, sunglasses in it. These are trendy and useful. These are available at very economical price starting from Rs. 599, explore here.

         Sooti Round Sling Bag

  • Backpack - Bags that are carried at the back and backpacks. These come in small as well as large sizes. Can accommodate a laptop as well as a set of clothes also with other essentials. 
  • Waist Bag / Fanny Bag - A pouch bag that can be hung around the waist and crossbody over chest. These ones have a waist belt as well as a sling belt so that it can be used in both ways. Available on website, waist bag for trendy you.
  • Potli Bags - Bags that are worn on the wrist, usually used on traditional outfits. These are very elegant and useful as it can keep your mobile phone and lipstick and some money in it. Which otherwise one finds difficult to carry on traditional. Check beautifully crafted potlis here.

  • Laptop Bag - A bag or a sleeve that comes with pockets to keep the charger of laptop specifically is a Laptop Bag. It can also have a belt to hang it on shoulders as well. Check MacBook Sleeves we have .
         Sooti Ikat Laptop Bags
  • Round Bag - Bag by shape, these are bohemian inspired bags. This goes with every style and comes in 3 sizes - Large (tote), medium and small. Perfect to be taken anywhere, be it at a casual date or at the beach or on a vacation. Very beautiful as well as useful, check more of these beauties.
  • Baguette Bags - Bags with small size and short strap that is hung on the shoulder. Looks cute and functional. Smart and sleek, baguettes are available here.
       Sooti Baguette Bag Ikat Red
  • Wallet - An essential accessory you cannot miss. Comes with 2 slip in pockets and 6 card slots. Useful and one of a kind, these bags are available here.

       Sooti Bags are handcrafted and made in India, using traditional and quirky           textiles. These are one of a kind. Explore more of these beauties and other         minimal accessories on website, WWW.SOOTI.IN.

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