Saas Bahu - A Series of Emotions

It's been a while since we celebrated Mother's Day, but wanted to share a bit I wrote for my Mother-in-law this mother's day.

The series is dedicated to all mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws, who live together and also who do not. Your connection with your MIL and vice versa.

So one day, I randomly asked Maa to come and get clicked with me in the shoot. To my surprise, she said yes in the first go and was quite cheerful during the shoot. I liked her enthusiasm and thought it's always great to have a company. Isn't it?

Though there isn't any formula to have good relations with your MIL but I think there are a few aspects which I have listed below to get along with your mother in law.

  • Give time to adjust
If you do not like anything or want a change, share your emotions with her. She will absorb and understand. Good relations take time to build. And if you're looking for a strong one, all you need to do is share and feel free to do things with her just like you had asked your mom or friends. She will love it.
Sooti Belt - Saas Bahu Series
  • Go out for shopping and fun activities together

My MIL loves this, so if any exhibition is scheduled we go together. Also, if I happen to go to a cafe which I love and get a feel where maa will like visiting, I make a point taking her there. This makes us bond and talk about the things we do not usually when at home.

I think if you want your parents to understand the changing times, they should definitely see it themselves. It helps them to relate with the younger generation.

Sooti Saas Bahu

  • Appreciate what you like about her

With ample of other talents within her, she likes styling. She is well versed with the latest fashion and gives me major insights if I want to get a dress stitched. I like the way she carries herself. She always takes me by surprise of how quick she gets ready for any outing or an event. She is becoming younger everyday through her style. She is growing in reverse.

Sooti saas bahu5

    • MIL is equivalent to your better half

    After marriage, as much as you live with your husband, so is with your MIL.Therefore, always respect each other and take care of each other in every possible way.

    • In hope to carry her legacy

    Grateful for her, for helping me in the kitchen. For not being finicky with me when I have been an amateur in cooking. Thank you for bearing with me when I spilled the milk, broke cutlery and being so understanding about it.

    Also, I admire the way she raised her children. Their positive and down to earth attitude is love-able. Her dedication in teaching them manners surely paid off and I am reaping the rewards.

    Sooti saas bahu legacy

    I aim to carry her legacy and grateful to have a mother like you. In the end, I would like to share the relation of MIL and DIL with the following lines:-

    जब साथ होते है तोह घर के हर मेम्बर का ध्यान रखा जाता है
    जब दोनों गुस्सा होते है तोह घर जेल लगने लगता है
    जब यह ठान ले कुछ करने का,
    मजाल किसी की कोई उनको रोक पाए
    बिना कुछ बोले भी बहुत कुछ समझ लेते है
    कोई और नहीं, खुद ही एक दूसरे का ध्यान रख लेते है।
    मां ना होकर भी मां जैसी लगने लगती है,
    तब एहसास होता है एक रिश्ते का
    तब एहसास होता है इस रिश्ते का ।

    Sooti MIL

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