Wardrobe Organizing - For Compact Space

In day to day life, the biggest challenge for one is to keep there spaces and wardrobe decluttered. If you are someone who face the same issue. And would want to do about it, read this.

How to organize your clothes right from scratch?

It is sometimes difficult to stack clothes in a single wardrobe. In this scenario, you can follow the following steps.

  • Be in peace: Have the energy and make up your mind for doing this task patiently.
  • Take everything out from the Wardrobe: If you have all types of clothes and they just cannot fit in a single wardrobe. Most joint families in India deal with this issue, as you have one personal wardrobe for your own clothes which is the bedroom wardrobe and rest heavy clothes are kept at different places in another room which is shared by other members of their family.
  • Segregate in different category: Western / Ethnic / Formal or you can do in this way:-
  1. Daily Wear
  2. Office Wear
  3. Home Gatherings and temple visits
  4. Weddings & Festive Wear
  5. Outing with friends 
  6. Vacation Wear - what you wear when you go out for a vacation

In the personal wardrobe, you should keep clothes you wear often - daily wear, office wear and outfits when you visit temples and go to family get-togethers. As you need outfits that are easy to choose from and are comfortable to wear, keep them in an area that is easy for you to see and reach, rest other clothes (like for gatherings & temple visits) that you wear less frequently can be kept in other shelves - but again it should be easy to pick these.

Eg. If you go to office everyday, keep formals at a place in the closet where you can easily pick them. However, if you are mostly at home, keep comfort cloth easily accessible.

The clothes that are meant for certain events, you can stack them in organizers. Eg, heavy sarees for weddings can be stacked in organizers for its longevity and use. Find organizers  like for sarees, clothes, jewelry and shoes here. 

Similarly, keep clothes that you do not use frequently in organizers so that the wardrobe does not get messed up every now and then. We have cloth organizers which can stack clothes and keep them well stored.

Western and wedding outfits can be in another wardrobe.

Western outfits - these are again segregated: ones that you wear often and the rest that you wear on vacations.

    • Create 2 piles - Clothes that you want to give away and the ones you want to keep. Bid goodbye to a few clothes always, and be open for charity.  
    • Discard the clothes you do not require: Discarding is very important as it will decide how your wardrobe is going to look like. Every wardrobe needs space to breath.
    • Keep the clothes in wardrobe easily accessible that you require the most
    • Use organizers wherever required - like for clothes, sarees, shoes, jewelry, etc.
    • Once done, treat yourself for a job done well.
    • Try to maintain the habit of organizing once in a while.

    Hope this was helpful, if you have quest regarding this, I will be happy to answer. Meanwhile, you organize the wardrobe. 




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