Handloom & It's Significance In India

What is handloom?         

Handloom is a traditional method which uses machine for weaving cloth that is operated by hand; the machine is called 'Kargha' ( करघा in hindi ).

  • Handloom is one of the largest employment providers after agriculture in India.
  • This sector contributes nearby 15% of the cloth production in the country and also contributes to the export earning of the country.
  • Ninety five percent of the world’s hand woven fabric comes from India.

India's Textile Sector comprises four important segments:

  • Modern textile mills
  • Independent Power looms
  • Handlooms and
  • Garments

Sooti is proud to be representing the rich culture, heritage and tradition of India. We wish to restore this tradition and imbibe the love for the same amongst new age women and youths.


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